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5 Second Reviews

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Here are some super quick reviews! So get ready—⁣

Lush Cosmetics/ these are two essential for me. I put on sleepy lotion every night before bed. It smells so good! I also love dream cream and have used it on both my kids when they were babies. It’s such a nice moisturizer- mom approved!⁣

Dr. Zenovia Retinol Eye Cream/ I’m all about retinol eye creams and this one is goooooood! The pump is a little tricky but if you can squeeze and pump at the same time to get the product out you won’t regret it. This is another great hydrating eye cream that also packs a punch. Great for milia prone skin!⁣

Pinrose Scents in Pillowtalk Poet/ this is light and cozy. It reminds me of a fragrance that’s not supposed to smell like a perfume— it’s supposed to smell like me (or you?). I love this scent— my other favorite is Glossier You. I feel like these two are “cousins” and that’s why I have been rotating between the two. ⁣

CQuellskincare Spot Treatment/ I have been applying this once a day to dry patches. Love! ⁣

@cocokind MyMatcha stick/ this is an all over hydration stick. I love this chubby stick especially as a lip balm. It tastes like my morning matcha latte. These are always sold out at Target for a reason. ⁣

Otherland Co Crisp Cornflower Scented Candle/ bought this on a whim and it really smells like when you are shucking corn— it smells sweet and fresh and... like corn! BUT in an oddly satisfying way. I honestly woke up the next day thinking about this candle and immediately went got up to go smell it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before? I’m in love and ordered Otherland candles for teachers and family gifts.

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