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I Promise You Are Enough

I feel like it's so easy to get caught up in setting goals and planning out what you hope to achieve in 2021. New year, new me is BS. Let's end that.⁣

Setting goals is great-- but if you are like me there is such a thing as TOO many goals. I get caught up thinking about the future and all the things I want to do and ways I want to grow. It's overwhelming. I keep reminding myself to pause.⁣

However you are spending these last few days of 2020-- I hope it is filled with pizza, and the realization that you are already enough. ⁣

During these next few days I'm making a point to spend some time (masking and) thinking of all the areas that I have grown. It's good to look ahead-- and I like to do that too. But this year was...2020. There weren't a lot of happy moments. But they DID happen. So I want to honor those moments and milestones-- big and small.⁣

I'll go first:⁣

-I'm learning to say no. If there is something I do not want to do-- that's it. I want to amplify that inner voice and continue to turn down jobs, favors etc. that I don't want to do. ⁣

-I've made big steps in learning how and when I need to protect my peace. I'm no longer caught off guard. When I start to feel my blood boil or get a text or DM that doesn't sit right with me⁣

I ask myself:⁣

-What is this person intending to do here⁣

-Do I want to go to battle? ⁣

-Is this worth a response?⁣

These questions help me see their intention and I can decide where to go from there.⁣

I'm still thinking-- 2020 isn't over just yetttt... I'd love to hear a happy moment from your 2020 or something that you are working on.⁣

you are enough,⁣

xx alexa

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